Online Counseling

is online therapy right for you?


It can be difficult sometimes to find a therapist with the right expertise in your local area. Some areas don’t have many therapists to choose from. Online therapy (or the fancy term: TeleMental Health) means you can access therapy no matter where you may be. Having an online therapy appointment means you can talk to your therapist from bed, a parked car, or from your office. Just make sure the location is safe and private; no sessions while driving or skydiving, please!

is any special equipment required?

Online therapy has some minimal requirements. You must have a phone, tablet, or computer. Regardless of the device you’re utilizing I highly recommend the use of a headset/earbuds with an attached microphone. In therapy it’s absolutely essential that we’re able to hear each other clearly. We’ll both assess the audio and video quality in the first session and make adjustments as needed.

I use a videoconferencing platform called Vsee and its use requires no downloads or signups. You just click the link I’ll provide to my virtual waiting room, type in your first name, and then wait for me to start up the session! I’ve also got a backup plan just in case the technology is being a bit squirrelly.

what are the pros and cons?


-Accessibility. Location and mobility issues are removed as barriers.
-There’s no need to fight traffic
-You get more privacy; there is no office to walk into or waiting room to sit in
-It might be more comfortable to have therapy in your own space
-In the time of COVID-19 it helps you avoid potential viral exposure


-Some body language cues can be missed
-Technology can malfunction
-Online therapy isn’t appropriate for everyone. Someone experiencing serious thoughts of hurting themselves or others and those with certain chronic mental illnesses requiring intensive treatment do best with face to face therapy

ready to get started?

This was a short overview, if you’d like some more in-depth information check out this article. If the pros outweigh the cons then you’re ready to go! If you’re unsure, that’s okay, too. Contact me and we can figure out if this online stuff is a good fit for you.